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J&B Pressure Cleaning & Painting Inc has been in business since 1984 and is dedicated to providing you with high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.


Our experienced team of professionals will make sure that your roof is thoroughly cleaned and effectively treated to kill mildew without causing any damage to your tiles or landscaping.

Proper chemical roof cleaning

Are you wondering how chemical roof cleaning works? Check out all the information and benefits below to learn what type of chemicals J&B Pressure Cleaning & Painting Inc uses to do a proper chemical cleaning for your roof.

How does chemical roof cleaning work?

Chemical roof cleaning is now the most widely accepted method of cleaning among professionals and knowledgeable homeowners. Simple pressure cleaning only removes the surface layers of mildew and in the process often damages the tiles.


Chemical cleaning on the other hand kills the mildew, including its roots and spores; and the low pressure application ensures that no damage is done to the tiles. The result is a much cleaner, brighter roof that will remain clean longer.


There are different chemicals that can be used; sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, tri-sodium phosphate and others. They all have pros and cons.


The most commonly used by far is the sodium hypochlorite, or chlorine-based solution. It gives an instant cleaning with some residual benefits, causes no damage to the roof tiles, and is highly efficient at killing mildew. Its biggest drawback is that it can kill other plants in the hands of unskilled or uncaring workers.


This is what sets J&B Pressure Cleaning & Painting Inc apart from the competition. Through some common sense, combination of tarps, gutter extensions, freshwater rinsing, and a little extra work, we can protect your landscaping.


Anyone can soak a roof with chemicals and it doesn’t take that long. The real task is protecting everything else. Property managers will appreciate the lack of plant damage and angry calls from the residents.


If you are tired of having your roof damaged by pressure cleaning or your plants killed by careless or negligent roof cleaners, then contact J&B Pressure Cleaning & Painting Inc.

Thorough Chemical Roof Cleaning

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